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New poems

Just to say – I’ve been adding a few poems and rhymes to various pages of this site.

These include a newly published verse for children on Published (for kids) page. See also Ponderings, Grim Side of Gardening, Mad Side of Mod, and also my overflow site, Poems4Pockets, if fancy a browse.

Now for some inspirational spring sunshine to fire up more scribbles!

PS – Have just purchased a yukulele, to add to the fun of performances and workshops! That’s as well as my classical guitar for my poetry shows! It’s sky blue, with a rainbow-stripy case, and it’s due to arrive in less than an hour! Can’t wait. All I have to do then is… er… learn to play it. But its potential for poetry enhancement, diversity and fun will spur me on!

Happy Easter!


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April update

Suddenly it’s spring… isn’t it?  Well, depending which day, or moment in fact, you happen to look out of the window. The flora and fauna seem to think it’s spring anyway – thank goodness – even if the sky’s still um-ing and er-ing, so that keeps us at the window – and even door, just about!

As for springtime in my school workshops, that’s been going on for weeks, all through the grey gloom of these past weeks. Yes, I know what you’re going to say: the weekends have been lovely (some of them). But I’m talking weekdays, those grim, chilly, colourless stretches of seeming stagnation during which I was scheduled to visit various primary schools around the country (by their kind, and much appreciated invitation) to inspire children on the theme of – yes, Spring.  My fault, I offered it (amongst others) in a spurt of wild optimism, and they must, presumably, have chosen it in like spirit.

Fortunately, children are equipped with the flexibility,  imagination, and pop-open fizz-cans of enthusiasm to leap into any theme, with a little coaxing. So, with a few photos, a bit of acting out (being bunnies, chicks etc. in this case) and some touchy-feely artefacts (cuddly baby animal toys from my local charity shop), class after class of our nation’s youngsters spun their magic, producing the fresh, fragrant spray of spring poetry delights I’d so recklessly hoped for, in schools all round the country. Congratulations again to them all!

Yes, in classrooms I’ve been celebrating – with their help – the wonders of spring. In my gardening performances for adults – The Grim Side of Gardeningmy focus has been more on the blunders than the wonders, but with a sprinkling of the latter too: wonders that anything at all has sprouted in my muddy, floody, abandoned plot, for instance; wonder that weeds can, in a certain light, look quite pretty; wonder that those cursed wild geraniums are still multiplying away as per usual, despite the feverish zest with which I attacked  them on that last sunny Sunday. 

Flaming geranium -
every one the samium -
wax but never wanium,
driving me insanium!

But here comes the sun suddenly, and looking likely to stay at least five minutes – just long enough to fire up preliminary plans for my summer workshop themes: seasides and ocean mysteries;  jungle rumbles through giant fronds; glint of a dragonfly in mint-blue sky, flitting round glittery pond! 

Meanwhile, happy Easter!


Copyright note:
Please note that copyright of all content on this page, including the rhyme, is by, and copyright of, me – Kate Williams. If you wish to use any of the above text for any commercial purpose, please contact me first. Thank you. (See Contact for details.)

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Spring poetry

March is marching on, and it’s high time I caught up with it on my blog!

Cheeping chicks, skipping lambs, bouncing bunnies (and the odd stray penguin, kangaroo, T-Rex, etc.) have been featuring in my Spring poetry sessions at schools these last few days. Never mind the occasional grey sky, the odd grab for a cardigan, the stubborn, seemingly unshifting bareness of the trees! Children have the imagination and flexibility to leapfrog such hurdles – sideways: to throw themselves into the idea of spring. Yes, ideas are what children love best, especially their own! After all, what could be more fun than to fly away on a roller-coaster of fantasies, memories, impressions, dreams, words, sounds, pictures, music, and the electric buzz of inspiration-sharing? 

To put all that in a nutshell, my Spring poetry topic is proving as fun and rewarding as my other topics of the term (Dragons, Space and Wild Woods). Great for keeping fit, too, with all the baby animal movements round hall or classroom, and if I’m not several stone lighter by Easter, I’ll be pretty disappointed! Take today’s exertions at Gowerton Primary School alone, where I was eight times a bunny, squirrel, robin, butterfly, puppy and goodness knows what else (no, not penguin though, nor even wolf – one has to draw a line somewhere, I’m afraid) around their Infants’ site. I might even allow myself a Cadbury’s Creme Egg after a few more weeks of such springy school visits!

In other schools, we’ve been discovering what an irresistible dish spring makes, with our cups of colour and flakes of freshness, our spoonfuls of sweet scents and ladles of light! 

And with summer round the corner, I’m already digging out my buckets, spades and sea monsters, ready for next term’s Sea themes.

Happy spring!


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February can be fun!

This term is proving as exciting as ever – and not just because of the floods!

My workshops have seen dragons drifting over school roofs and bursting in through breath-melted windows; planets made of bubblegum spinning through dungeon-dark space; and wild woods quivering with twitching tails and creaking branches. 

Next term – yes, the ‘summer’ (don’t laugh) term, I shall be offering schools a choice of jungles, oceans and insect-worlds for their classes to immerse themselves in. True, I’ve offered the first two themes a few times before. I wonder why?

Meanwhile, in village halls around the country, I’ve been meeting gardening clubs – all scarily fit and keen! – and other community groups for rhyme and song fun of an evening. I’m sorry to say that a member of one gardening club, when asked what pests he suffered, answered – ‘Children’. Mind you, he was quickly out-voted by the rest with ‘deer’! 

The only comments I shall make here on the weather is that it’s very convenient for a rhymester that ‘flood’ rhymes with ‘mud’, and interesting to discover that ‘weather’ is an anagram of ‘tear’ and ‘hew’.  Oh, and one more observation – dark, gloomy weather outside gives an extra buzz and glow to a poetry bonanza inside!


P.S. Join me on Twitter @Katypoet!

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Flood song

Floods are a Pain (song)

We’re used to bad weather:
we’re used to the rain.
We’re British: we bear it: 
we barely complain,
but floods, floods, floods 
are a pain!

Showers are fine;
storms we don’t mind.
We don’t need the sun to shine,
but floods, floods -
at floods we draw the line.

Mud round the TV, the settee, the chair,
the cooker, fridge, freezer – everywhere!
Door to door, floor to floor, up the stair,
a flood of raw sewage – doom, despair!

We’re used to bad weather;
we’re used to the rain,
but floods, floods, floods
are a

More songs, rants and rhymes in my three performances:

The Grim Side of Gardening
The Mad Side of Modern 
The Odd Side of Old

Copyright of above poem/song belongs to me, Kate Williams. If you wish to use for any form of publication, public performance or broadcast, please contact me first. Thank you.

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Book of animal poems for 7-12s

Wildlife Poems - celebrating the first 5 years!

My book Wildlife Poems, a brightly covered paperback collection for children, is now celebrating its 5th year.

So, with World Book Day approaching (March 6th), as well as the book’s 5th birthday to celebrate, now seems a good time for a fresh whirl in the window.

Wildlife Poems  is packed with easy-read but thought-provoking poems in a colourful assortment of styles. The verses look at animals and their environments from offbeat angles – often humorous, sometimes quirky, and occasionally slightly sinister.

Comments I received from poets, on publication of the book:

Congratulations on producing such a fine-looking book. Superior, I would say, to some published by the large presses.
Roger McGough

These poems move quickly down the page like animals might, unleashing rhymes and rhythms everywhere.
Ian McMillan (poet, broadcaster, journalist and playwright)

Kate Williams finds a subject, gives it a twist and hey presto, that little bit of magic a poem needs is conjured up.
Brian Moses (poet)

Sample poems: 

Nightfall Fantasy

Head of mouse,
teeth of rat,
vampire wings
that whip and slap,
eyes that don’t see,
ears that do:
donkey’s ears that stare at you,
hamster’s body,
piglet’s nose,
gymnast’s legs
that hang from toes,
voice – a pixie’s tiny wail,
hobby: night-flight:

(Identified in Riddle Answers, at back of book.)

In a Forest Far Away


a zillion silver snow-flakes, in spangles,
a mesh of silver twiglets, in tangles,
a swathe of silver tree trunks, at angles,
a pair of twitching triangles,



 (Identified in Riddle Answers, at back of book.)

Hippos and Haikus

A rhinoceros
fits neatly in a haiku,
but a hippopot…


Lazing on dry sand,
gazing at high gulls,
holding golden days in my hand.

Who for?

The book was written with junior-aged children in mind, but has proved popular with both smaller and bigger youngsters, as well as teachers, parents, grandparents, and adults for their own enjoyment!


Further information about Wildlife Poems can be found on Book (for kids) page, along with more reviews from other poets and more sample poems.

To buy

Wildlife Poems (ISBN 9780953842841, retail price £4.99) is available to order from bookshops, or via the Welsh Books Council or any wholesale book company, or from me, either via PayPal (if you have an account with them) or by cheque (postal address supplied on request). 

Copyright: please note the all poems on this page are by myself and therefore my copyright. If you wish to use any for public use, such as publishing, performing or broadcasting, please check with me first. Thank you.

cover jpg version TEST 15jan10

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Poems & workshops for children


The Wind

The wind went
tugging at our trousers,
shaking at our shirts,
catching at our coats and hats,
slapping at our skirts,
racing us and chasing us
home to our front door,
where we shut it out because
its  manners were so poor.

This poem of mine was published in Australia’s state publication, The School Magazine, July 2013 issue, but seems more appropriate to the UK right now!

Here’s another they published earlier, which I’ll probably read in some of my Dragon workshops this term.

Dragon in the sky

The tip of a spike,
the point of a claw,
the flash of a flame:
that’s all I saw.

Smoke from a fire:
that’s all I smelt.
A tingle of fear:
that’s all I felt.

The whirring of wings,
like a gigantic bird
stirring the wind:
that’s all I heard.

Ran off and hid:
that’s all I did,
until the sky cleared
and the signs disappeared
and the dragon was far and high.

Wish I had waved

Poetry workshops for schools

As well as Dragons, I’m offering Space, Wild Woods, and after half term – Spring (Spring Colours for Juniors upwards), as my poetry workshop themes this term.

Any questions, or to make a booking, please contact me any time.
Tel. 01446 760124 or email: .

Happy New Year!

The poems on this page are by, and copyright of: Kate Williams.

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Book now for spring!

Poetry workshops for children!

Comedy poetry shows for adults!

Book now for a date of your choice!

Workshop themes:
Dragons, Wild Woods, Space
Spring Colours after half term.

Over a decade’s experience in over 1,500 schools.

Comedy poetry show themes:
The Grim Side of Gardening
The Mad Side of Modern
The Odd Side of Old

Details of all on relevant pages here.


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New Year Rhymes


Waiting Up for Midnight 

I’m trying to stay awake.
If I drop off, give me a shake.
Hours to go before tomorrow
and who knows whose hands to shake?

Which Year? 

A new year’s here,
but what happened to the last?
I lost track a while back
when the last ’19′ went past.

New-Year Old-Year Solutions

New Year resolutions!
What shall I do?

Those from last year

still in the queue.

Find solutions 
for all those resolutions -
and this time see them through!

New Year; Old War

In 1914 there was war.
In 2014 there is more.
What was it for? What is it for?
Nobody ever seems sure.

End of Year Evaluation    (for gardeners, 2012)

January: stark stagnation.
February: no variation.
March: slug gang infiltration.
April: nettle infestation.
May: hot sun! Need irrigation.
June: urgent deforestation.
July: rain: inundation.
August: mud; exasperation.
September: harvest desperation.
October: leaves cause drain blockation.
November: bleak dilapidation:
rotting, reeking vegetation.
December: time off! Celebration!
Send the garden to dam…
but you can do the pronunciation.

All poems by Kate Williams. 
Copyright: Kate Williams. All rights reserved.

Fancy a performance or workshop? See relevant pages. 

Thanks for your visit. Happy New Year!

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The thrill of December

For all those lucky enough to have had their homes flooded with sunlight rather than floodwater, today and this month generally. Apologies for re-posting last year’s poem but, for some of us, some of it seems to apply again this year.

Remember, Remember, the Thrill of December!

There’s nothing like a chill, blue sky,
a wispy, crispy, crystal sky, 
to make you skip!

There’s nothing like a winter tree,
a feather-fine, weather-defying, ballerina tree, 
to make you skip!

There’s nothing like a frozen lake,
a mirroring, quivering, shivering lake,
to make you skip!

There’s nothing like December sun,
pale and frail as a butterfly wing,
melting horizon’s silver lip,
to tip fun in your step, and step into skip,
to skip into ice-skating swing!

Nothing quite like December.

Kate Williams

Happy Christmas!
December 25th, 2013.

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