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Olympic Poems

As the Olympics start in Japan, I’m delighted to be contributing… er, not to that, exactly, but to Brian Moses’s mini online Olympics poetry anthology:


Leap, spin and sail through this entertaining collection, contributed by some of the UK’s top children’s poets! Perhaps they’ll inspire you to write your own Olympics poems, too! No one’s too young or old to have a go! Take an idea from the poems on show, maybe, and spin it at your own unique angle.


Here’s mine again, by the way: Wrong Jump (scroll down to view). As a one-time long jumper for my school, I’m glad to say I never did high jump by mistake. However, I did do other less than impressive things, like travelling across England with the team to compete against a posh and distant school, only to do 3 no-jumps (missing the starting mark). That was it: challenge over. Then came the great, grand tea, laid on by the great, grand school, as a reward for our ‘achievements’. Oh well, live and learn. Anyway, the cake was good.


Wrong Jump


I ran, leapt, swung up high,
over the heads of passers-by,
over the traffic, the lampposts, the wires,
the rooftops, chimneys, towers and spires,
the House of Lords, of Commons, Big Ben,
the top of the London Eye, and then – 

down I tumbled, bump-bump-bump,
to the gloomy boom of the judge: “No jump!”

“But why?” I cried. “I jumped to the sky!”
“Wrong jump,” he sighed. “This is long, not high.”

Kate Williams 
(Published in When Granny Won Olympic Gold, A & C Black)

PS: What do you reckon hedgehogs make of the Olympics?
Hedgehog Olympics – Payhip

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Poetry Workshops for Autumn


Classroom Poetry next term – Covid rules permitting!

Nursery – Yr 6.
Interactive, fun, adventurous! 
Inclusive of all abilities and confidence levels.
Topics to choose from:
Space, Autumn Leaves, Dragons, Woodland Creatures, Fireworks.

Please see my Workshops page for more information.




Price per day varies depending on distance from home, overnight costs and any other factors. Please email me to check: .



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Camp Fire Poem

Very pleased that my poem ‘What makes a camp fire glow’, first published in The School Magazine with this atmospheric illustration by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall, is today’s poem – June 18th – on Paul Brookes’s camping poems for June. Thanks Paul!

Here it is again, for quick viewing:


What makes a camp fire glow?


The thrill of the wild
the dare of the dark
the acrid air

the crackle and spark
the chatter and laugh
the soothe of share

You’ll know when you’re there


Copyright: Kate Williams



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Best Friends Day poem

Here’s a little verse of mine about two best friends, published in A First Poetry Book, Macmillan.


It’s Best Friends Day today (June 8th, 2021), and this is one way to celebrate it. (Click on image to enlarge.)


And more clearly:


Different But the Same

Jo’s tall.                        I’m small.
She’s vegetarian.           I eat meat.
She’s a swimmer.           I’m an acrobat.
She’s got gerbils.           I’ve got a rat.
She has a sister.            I have a brother.
We’re totally different     from each other!

But in a way, we’re just the same.
We always agree which game to play,
and whatever she says, I was going to say,
and everything we say makes us giggle away.
So we’re not really different at all!


Kate Williams



Please note that I own copyright of the poem and picture. If you’d like to make any commercial use of either, please contact me first – many thanks!

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Seaside Poetry Workshops! (Virtual)

Hello teachers! Also any interested parents!


I’m offering exciting, fun, interactive poetry workshops as ever this term, with seaside and ocean themes.


Choose between Stormy Sea, Deep Sea Secrets, Seaside, and Sea Monsters, with variations for each class. Details on my Virtual Workshops page.


Here’s a poem of mine about a sea monster, which I might include with the mythical theme, and below it, a totally different one by one of my young writers. Mine is published by The School Magazine, with this wonderful illustration by Matt Ottley:






By the way, here’s another mythical beast poem of mine, proving popular on YouTube, ‘Dragon in the Sky‘.


Kate Williams
For workshops please email:, or
contact me on Twitter @Katypoet

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Young Empathy Poem

Empathy comes naturally to many children – perhaps to all, even if – like adults – they don’t always find it easy to act on it.


In my poem ‘New Boy’, the children feel for their new classmate as I believe most would, especially with one or two leading the way. Perhaps a poem like this can help too, with an illustration like this one by Tony Flowers, as published in The School Magazine, Australia. 




Please note that I own copyright of the poem and the top left image. If you wish to use either for commercial purposes of any kind, please get in touch first – many thanks!

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Dragon in the Sky – YouTube

Chuffed to see my poem ‘Dragon in the Sky’, with its wonderful illustration by David Legge, has had  over 3,000 views on YouTube! (Click to watch and listen).



The reading by Sue-Anne Webster, video created by the publishers, The School Magazine, Australia. They have also recently republished the poem – with its fascinating picture – in response to its popularity.


Drop a line here or catch up on Twitter @Katypoet

Please note that I own the copyright of the poem – thanks.

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Poem about feelings


If happiness was edible, what would it taste like? 


That may sound like a daft question, but I find it a handy one when describing feelings.


Here’s my poem ‘If Feelings Were Flavours’, published in
Poems about Emotions, chosen by Brian Moses for Wayland publishers. I’m giving it an airing here to mark Mental Health Awareness Month.  


More poems about feelings and thoughts to come.


Twitter: @Katypoet
YouTube:  (91) Kate Williams – YouTube


Click image to enlarge.

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In Brian Moses’ KS1 Mini-Anthology

Belatedly posting to say ‘Hooray and thanks!’ to Brian Moses (@moses_brian) for inclusion of my ‘Once There Was A Dragon’ in his lovely KS1 Mini-Anthology:

Welcome to the Ssssssnake Hotel ( .


There you’ll find bubbles, lemurs, a bear in his underwear, a boring shopping day turned fun, my crazy dragons, and more, by a plethora of children’s poets.


Here’s my dragon one again, but do see the gorgeous, punchy, thoughtful, colourful others, by the other poets too, in Brian’s collection!



Action rhyme (also good for clapping and adding to)


Once there was a dragon dressed in red.
He liked to stay all day in bed.               

(Lie on floor, claws out, and snore.)


Once there was a dragon dressed in green.
She liked to jump on the trampoline.

(Jump, with roars and teeth-gnashing?)


Once there was a dragon dressed in pink.
He washed his tail in the kitchen sink.   

(Soak imaginary tail. Spin dry?)


Once there was a dragon dressed in black.   
She could fly to the moon and back.             

 (Fix picture of moon on opposite wall.
Now fly to it, dragon-style.)


Once there was a dragon dressed in blue.

(Whisper next line, creeping up – on you?)

He liked to creep up and shout out

(Leap out and yell!)


Kate Williams
Twitter @Katypoet

See also my ‘Dragon in the Sky’, YouTube.

Please note I have copyright of all text and images on this page – thanks. 


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Get creative with wild weather!

Some people hate the wind, but I find it exciting.

The sounds it produces, the lights and shadows it shoots, the way it sets the trees swaying, like ships on a wild sea, can be thrilling.

So, rather than huddle indoors, I like to join in – run, stretch, dance, sing, shout with the gusts that sweep through our local woods and fields. True, you’ll want to think twice about doing such things in the street, especially solo, but find an empty spot, and preferably drag friends or family along with you, and you can have a great time in that unpopular wind.


Back indoors, you may be inspired to write down how you felt, what you saw, heard, smelt, dreamed, as you sailed with the gale, or to sketch your impressions of that wild, evocative scene. As for the kids, if any around, they’ll love it all!


By the way, I have a tiny poem about the wind on my new YouTube channel:

Do send me your writings, artwork, windy day dance photos, or whatever creations you cook up! You can post them here, email  me at, or contact me on Twitter @Katypoet .


Please note that I have copyright of all text and images on this page – thanks. 

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