Posted by: Poems For Fun | June 8, 2012

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Teenage Talent

Anyone who’d like to see some wonderful poetry by youngsters, or fancies a trip through the past – take a glance at the new poetry displays on my Project and Young Writers‘ pages!

The poets – the poems on those two pages are by 11-12 year-olds from Rhymney Comprehensive School, Caerphilly Borough, S. Wales.  Our loose theme, through the year’s project, has been Caerphilly Castle, and it’s taken us on a venture as intriguing as the castle itself.

In the castle – if you’re in the area between 11th and 13th July, do call into the castle to see it all displayed! You’ll find verses, lines, and single words wherever you look, or listen!

Who, how, why? A long time ago, I presented Caerphilly Council with a vague idea for lifting children’s poetry off the page through other art forms. This is now being transformed into miraculous reality by their inspired Arts Development Team, together with assorted local artistes. So, be ready to encounter the Rhymney Writers’ literary outpourings in all sorts of exciting, fascinating, and innovative presentations in and around the castle, throughout the 3-day festival!

Our poetry project is part of a much bigger one, the Awen Project, which itself is part of  the Welsh Cultural Olympiad, so there’ll be plenty else going on at the castle too, all coordinated in captivating ways, by the sounds of it, so don’t miss out!

Yes, it’s thanks to Caerphilly’s Arts & Development Team, and to the ongoing support of the Head of English at Rhymney Comprehensive School, that this poetry project has been possible – a rare opportunity indeed for children (and poets!).

Note to perfectionists – before casting too critical an eye over the poems, please bear in mind that they are the product of a couple of one-hour workshops with each of last year’s Year 7  classes (11-12 year-olds), plus a few short follow-on sessions with a sub-group through 2011-12. There has been little or no opportunity for editing and improving.  What you see is what they got down on paper in our allocated time-slots, amid the rush, whirl, and piercing bells of the school day. They’ve been a fabulous group of young people to work with – delightful, creative, willing and daring, and I’m thrilled with what they’ve all achieved. Well done to them all!




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