Posted by: Poems For Fun | September 24, 2012

Poem for the month – September 2012

What has Britain got?

For wild, go to Africa and trek its tough terrain;
for ski-slopes go to Switzerland; for sunshine go to Spain.
India has palaces; Hong Kong, a shopping chain.
Sweden’s good for planks of wood – Ikea keeps us sane!

Bemuda offers sun-soaked fun; Hawaii’ll entertain,
or have a nice day in the USA, town by town by plane!
China has its chopsticks; Japan, its high-speed train;
Germany has sausages, tied up in a chain;
Belgium has big meetings, too complex to explain;
France has wine and fine champagne,

and Britain…?
We have rain.


(Copyright: Kate Williams)



  1. Great fun Kate…the poem I mean, not the reality!

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