Posted by: Poems For Fun | October 10, 2012

Poem for the month: October

Actually it’s two poems, both from my book, Wildlife Poems:

While Gales Push

Beneath the bush
lies a lump of a toad,
slumped in slumber,
safely stowed
in leaf-green skin
and leaf-mould shawl,
as the gusts begin
and the cold rains fall.

While gales push
and water streams,
the toad in his bush-stump


Freak in the Fog

Through the thick fog, whirling, whirling,
comes some creature, rolling fast.

Evil spirit? Wizard? Witch?
Giant grizzly? Jump in ditch!

Through the fog, uncurling, uncurling,
comes my teacher, strolling past.


(Copyright of both: Kate Williams)



  1. Lovely toad! Dear lump. I have a family in a wall and cannot plant it because they chew their entrance clean. Why should my desire for aubretia outweigh their claim?

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