Posted by: Poems For Fun | December 3, 2012

Poems for December

Remember, Remember, the Thrill of December!

There’s nothing like a chill, blue sky,
a wispy, crispy, crystal sky,
to make you skip!

There’s nothing like a winter tree,
a feather-fine, weather-defying, ballerina tree,
to make you skip!

There’s nothing like a frozen lake,
a mirroring, quivering, shivering lake,
to make you skip!

There’s nothing like December sun,
pale and frail as a butterfly wing,
melting horizon’s silver lip,
to tip fun in your step, and step into skip,
to skip into ice-skating swing!

Nothing quite like December.

Sending Christmas Cards

Write a list of who and what:
who to do, who maybe not,
who to add and who to drop,
who’s long dead, or long forgot.

Designate your cards from top:
snowman, snow scene, or just snowdrop.
Then start writing and don’t stop
– just keep going ’til you drop!

First the greetings, news and chat –
Merry Christmas and all that,
then addresses – who lives where,
who’s moved house, no longer there?
Who’s got married, changed their name?
Play a wild guessing game!
But don’t cross out, or smudge or blot –
don’t flick pen and make a spot!

Now for posting: out you pop,
through the blizzard, down to shop.
Who lives far off? Who’s abroad?
How many stamps can you afford?
Prices getting worse and worse!
Pour last pennies out of purse.

Home you stagger, fit to flop,
postman passing at a trot.
On the mat: a card for you!
Fancy that! You wonder who
it’s from:  dear Hugh? Old Aunty Dot?
Tear it open like a shot!

Who, oh who’s remembered you?

Doubtless one you’ve just sent to!
Top of the list? Top of the lot?
No, that cousin you forgot.

(Both poems: copyright: Kate Williams. More on other pages.)


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