Posted by: Poems For Fun | January 5, 2013

New Year Poems

Poems for January 2013

This poem may pop up in my ‘Dragon’ workshops this term.

Dragon in the sky     
(to be published in The School Magazine, Australia)


The tip of a spike,
the point of a claw,
the flash of a flame:
that’s all I saw.

Smoke from a fire:
that’s all I smelt.
A tingle of fear:
that’s all I felt.

The whirring of wings
like a gigantic bird
stirring the wind:
that’s all I heard.

Ran off and hid:
that’s all I did,
until the sky cleared
and the signs disappeared
and the dragon was far and high.

Wish I had waved


New Year Resolution (for anyone who lives at the bottom of a hill)

New Year Resolution:
sand bag flood solution.

New fear: inundation.
New idea: emigration!


(Please note that all poems here are by me, i.e. copyright: Kate Williams, so if you wish to include any in a publication or performance, please contact me first – thanks!)



  1. I envy your immediacy! Your be-here-now facility…Old idea-emigration. She missed her chance…to rehearse the rain dance. Instead lit a fire and asked/Where had her life gone?/Her nestlings all flown/ And her future was now the past!

    Happy New Year. Philippa Rees Author & Poet


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