Posted by: Poems For Fun | July 16, 2013

Rhymes for a heatwave

So, what do we do when the sun comes out at last? Grumble, of course.

Sunshine Shock

Can’t stand this – it’s sweltering!
Dazzling me eyes!
Scorching me skin! 
Giving me headaches!
Doing me in!
So much for blue skies – I’m going in!

Or are you braving it – and the old deckchairs from that damp-ridden shed?

Sinking Low

Lazing in the deckchair,
gazing at the view,
falling straight to sleep there…
falling straight through!

Oh. Would a pond-side rock be a safer bet?  

Through the Ripples

Looking  through the lily pond,
through light and shade and tone.

Looking deep, past flower and frond:
looking for my phone.

As for the veg plot, that ‘ll be making up for lost time, of course.


We have 36 crunchy lettuces,
for 36 lunch or teas!

But the whole lot are rotting at the rate of knots,
so we’re munching through ’em in threes.

What we need now is a bit of… er… rain.

Poetry performances available.
All above poems: copyright Kate Williams.


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