Posted by: Poems For Fun | September 8, 2013

Poems for September

Welcome to autumn! (Or are we still at the tail-end of August?)

Here are two poems to get us braced for autumn proper.  The first (my latest published), was written for children; the second is more for adults – gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone with a fence. 

The Wind

The wind went
tugging at our trousers,
shaking at our shirts,
catching at our coats and hats,
slapping at our skirts,
racing us and chasing us
home to our front door,
where we shut it out because
its manners were so poor.

The above poem was published in Australia’s state publication, The School Magazine, July 2013 issue.

Click Published (for kids)  for more of my poems for children.

Here’s another about the wind, written for my entertainments for gardening clubs,  The Grim Side of Gardening’:

The Wild West Wind

The wild west wind blew hard and high,
blew the clouds through the swirling sky,
blew the trees to their quaking knees –
and blew at my new fence too!

Blew it as only a twister could do:
bent it and rent it and tore it in two!
Blew till it blew out the last blasted screw.
That blew it!
Back to B&Q.

For the more serious-minded: if you’d prefer a more atmospheric piece about the wind, its sounds, and what they seem to be saying, have a look at ‘Tornado Trees’ on my Ponderings page. This poem is to be published shortly in Serendipity, an anthology by Thynks Publications (available at Amazon).

Fascinating Fog

Fog makes a garden a mystery,
where scents and sounds abound.

You can sniff the whiff of your coffee…
but the cup just cannot be found!

From my collection for gardeners again – ‘The Grim Side of Gardening’.


(All poems on this website: copyright: Kate Williams)


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