Posted by: Poems For Fun | October 20, 2013

New blog: poems4pockets…


I’ve just set up a new site to share more of my poems, and offer comments, ideas, and reflections on related topics.

I’ll be swapping poems in and out on all pages through the months, and posting thoughts daily or more. To view, click:

poems4pockets@blogger .com

It would be great hear your comments, positive, negative or any way related. Any preferences for poems or further page categories welcome too.

I’ve also just joined (in fact re-joined) Twitter @katypoet – getting hi-tech-bolder every day!



  1. please may I reproduce one of your poems in our allotment newsletter? There will only be 24 copies made. Thanks & regards Kevin

    • Thanks for checking, Kevin. Yes, that would be fine, but please could you include my name and website/blog address? Which poem, by the way, and which allotment association – please could you remind me? Kate

      • Thanks for the reply Kate,
        I haven’t decided which one yet, there are so many good ones – maybe see what turns up for November. I am Treasurer (and Newsletter editor) of Headingley Station Allotments West Association, Leeds. We are a small site, housing just 24 full-size plots. I will, of course, thank you appropriately in the newsletter for allowing the publication and point to your website. I’ll send you a copy would like.
        Thanks & Regards

      • Great! Thanks.

        On 29 October 2013 15:56, Kate Williams Poetry

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