Posted by: Poems For Fun | November 1, 2013

November dawn

November poems coming to this site soon. 

Meanwhile, see my ruminations about November, and thoughts for Novemberish poems, @ 

(my new poetry blog).

Perhaps you’re writing some Novembery stuff yourself !?

At a glance, or a sniff at the rotting leaf mulch, it can seem a bit of a nothingy month. But once you start delving into it, between those skeletal leaves, or up through the newly bared branches, or into a lit-up room, or after that last-departing swallow, or into the velvety black void where the first firework is about to explode, or down at that extraordinarily long Christmas present list… and all the question marks against it, you might change your mind and decide that November is anything BUT dull. 

So, check out the blog above, and then watch this space for November’s poetry page.

NB: All writing on this site is copyright: Kate Williams.



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