Posted by: Poems For Fun | November 1, 2013

Poems for November

Inside / Outside

(Published in Australia’s School Magazine. 2012.)

The clouds are crying,
crying down my window pane.
Today has given up, cancelled its afternoon,
packed up, gone to bed, 
surrendered to doom and gloom.

The birds have all stopped flying,
my den-tree’s hanging its head –
and the deeper the gloom,
the more rain down the pane,
the cosier it grows in my room!

November Hibernation

Half past three – time for tea?

Time to  switch the light on,
so I can see.

Half past four – time for some more?

Time for me to say ni-night:
I’m starting to snore.

Half past five… are you still alive?

Dormant at the moment:
leave me be.
Only easy way to survive.

November Tree

Giant feather,
graceful plume,
smooth against sharp weather:
defying the gloom.

More up-beat verses coming soon.

Also, firework rhymes coming soon on my blog and poetry pages @ 

Copyright: Kate Williams


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