Posted by: Poems For Fun | November 4, 2013

More poems for November




Fireworks go shooting and shrieking
like power-packed rockets charging away into space.

They go blazing and flashing
like flames on a dragon’s fiery breath;

twinking and gleaming,
like drops from a magic fountain;

leaping, looping, arching, swooping,
swinging, like rainbows, in and out of sight
through the deep, dark, finger-numbing night.


Firework Light


Fireworks are as bright as 
shiny ladybirds,
tropical fish,
diamond necklaces,

peacocks’ tails,
sunlit snow,
dashing, flashing police cars.

Then, in a spark, they’re gone in the dark,
but where do they go to?



All poems on this page, and site, are by me, Kate Williams.
Copyright: Kate Williams. All rights reserved. Thank you.

More firework poems can be browsed on my poetry pages @


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