Posted by: Poems For Fun | November 9, 2013

Learning via end-of-term fun!

Wonderful workshops @ wonderful discounts!

Schools!  Let your children carry on learning and developing in a myriad ways right up to the end of term, through exciting, funny, adventurous poetry workshops!  

I have date slots to fill, price drops to offer, oodles of enthusiasm to share, and fantastic feedback from other schools to pass on!

Time for some Christmassy fun after the long, hard term? Sure, but the children don’t realise they’re working in my workshops.  

“I love this so much! It’s such fun!” said one at the end of an all-afternoon session of firework poetry last week, “I wish we could do this every day!”

How about a poetry performance for your end-of-term show, with actions, pictures, music, percussion… dancing, drama, dressing-up??  A morning’s action-packed poetry venture will have it sorted!

Winter themes: 

Lights & Colours
Winter Trees & Wild Woods


For fees and anything else, do get in touch!

Tel. 01446 760124
Email: .
See Workshops page for details, and for more sample poems. 

All the best for the rest of term!



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