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Christmas poems ’13

For children and adults


Bauble on the Tree (cinquain)

(Published in Funny Poems for Christmas, Scholastic,  2005)

December delight

Sparkly, spangly, starry
Twizzling, twinkling, reflecting
Multi-micro-mirrored marvel
Tree treasure




Out And About On Christmas Day

Out and about on Christmas Day, 
‘tween treat and treat and cookery feat, 
‘tween gorge and bloat and festivity, 
for a breath and a laugh – a fresh paragraph – 
and a sip of the dark, 
went we. 

Out and about in gust and spray, 
through folding grey 
went we. 

Past partially-curtained silent scenes 
of  joy on display, lamp-lit, glitz-gay, 
mimed-out, half-seen, 
double-glazed, double-screened 
in brief twilight limelight, 
went we. 

Out and about in the darkening light, 
roaming the gloaming, 
harkening the hush – 
that globe-rolling, breath-holding, time-goldening hush – 
end-of-day, end-of-year, Christmas-dusk hush, 
went we, 
went free. 

Then back for tea.



December Drive

Ice on windscreen, thick as a wall. 
Ice all round – no view at all. 
Ice on car seat, ice on floor, 
ice on poor feet – will they ever thaw? 

Ice on roads, apparently, too – 
not that I can see: no view. 
Heard the man say on The News
slips and slides and worse besides, 
and – what a surprise! – long queues! 

Nice the ice looked from indoors, 
as I’d stirred my Christmas dish! 
Nice it had looked as I’d merrily cooked 
and the kids ‘d made their wish! 
Nicely it had seemed to gleam – 
quite fairytale-ish! 

But ice in the car, going nought miles an hour, 
is a different kettle of fish.


Yuletide Greed

Festive dinner, festive tea! 
Tantalizing treats there’ll be! 
Sugary, creamy, savoury, dreamy – 
a calorie-care-free spree! 

A loose-fit outfit I shall need: 
long, wide, strong at side, 

Then feed, feed my Yuletide greed… 
and then a diet, maybe.


All poems on this page written by, and copyright of Kate Williams.
All rights reserved.

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