Posted by: Poems For Fun | December 13, 2013

Struggles with Sellotape…

The annual present-wrapping challenge is upon us, and Sellotape and I just don’t get on.  Personally, I find it easier to make up a rhyme about it than actually put it to use.


Wrapping Christmas Parcels


Sello – strip
Sello – spin
Sello – scrumpled – start again

Sello – sticky
Sello – stuck
Sello – sadly slanting, stuck
Sello – scrape off
Sello – scrap
Sello – try for better luck

Sello – smooth
Sello – round
Sello – end cannot be found, except for torn-off slither bit

Sello – slit
Sello – split
Sello – snap
Sello – tear
Sello – slide
Sello – slip
Sello – roll off under chair

Try ribbon


By, and copyright of, Kate Williams.

Published in The Poetry Store, Hodder Children’s Books, 2005.

More –

More poems for the run-up to Christmas in earlier posts, and on other pages, e.g. Mad Side of Mod and Grim Side of Gardening. See also Humorous and Gardening on my blog:


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