Posted by: Poems For Fun | December 16, 2013

Christmas Gardening Shows…

Christmas garden party!

Looking forward to entertaining Garth Gardeners at their Christmas party on Friday! (Pentyrch, Cardiff.)

Book now for next Christmas!  

This will be my last show of the year, but I’m taking bookings for next Christmas – and in between – if any other gardening clubs are interested. See Grim Side of Gardening for details.

What is there for a gardener to do in December, after all, apart from eat, drink, and be merry about being rid of the garden for once?  (If there are any chores still to be done, please don’t tell me!)  

Non-gardeners –

My last Mad Side of Modern show of the year is tonight (Mon. Dec. 16th, 8pm) – a Christmas special at the Ynyshir Working Men’s Club, for the Ynyshir Ladies’ Guild. (Yes, they let ladies in these days, it seems!) So if you’re round that way, and female, come and join us!  Again, I’m taking bookings for next Christmas now, so have a look at my Mad Side of Modern, and see if it’s your cup of tea (and piece of cake – both will feature in rhyme or song).

History Societies – 

I now have a show specially for you, too! See Now & Then.

(If you’re able to work out who all those cousins of mine are in that ‘Father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s brother…’ rhyme, don’t bother telling me, please – I’ve run out of Christmas cards.)



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