Posted by: Poems For Fun | December 31, 2013

New Year Rhymes


Waiting Up for Midnight 

I’m trying to stay awake.
If I drop off, give me a shake.
Hours to go before tomorrow
and who knows whose hands to shake?

Which Year? 

A new year’s here,
but what happened to the last?
I lost track a while back
when the last ’19’ went past.

New-Year Old-Year Solutions

New Year resolutions!
What shall I do?

Those from last year

still in the queue.

Find solutions 
for all those resolutions –
and this time see them through!

New Year; Old War

In 1914 there was war.
In 2014 there is more.
What was it for? What is it for?
Nobody ever seems sure.

End of Year Evaluation    (for gardeners, 2012)

January: stark stagnation.
February: no variation.
March: slug gang infiltration.
April: nettle infestation.
May: hot sun! Need irrigation.
June: urgent deforestation.
July: rain: inundation.
August: mud; exasperation.
September: harvest desperation.
October: leaves cause drain blockation.
November: bleak dilapidation:
rotting, reeking vegetation.
December: time off! Celebration!
Send the garden to dam…
but you can do the pronunciation.

All poems by Kate Williams. 
Copyright: Kate Williams. All rights reserved.

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Thanks for your visit. Happy New Year!


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