Posted by: Poems For Fun | January 7, 2014

Poems & workshops for children


The Wind

The wind went
tugging at our trousers,
shaking at our shirts,
catching at our coats and hats,
slapping at our skirts,
racing us and chasing us
home to our front door,
where we shut it out because
its  manners were so poor.

This poem of mine was published in Australia’s state publication, The School Magazine, July 2013 issue, but seems more appropriate to the UK right now!

Here’s another they published earlier, which I’ll probably read in some of my Dragon workshops this term.

Dragon in the sky

The tip of a spike,
the point of a claw,
the flash of a flame:
that’s all I saw.

Smoke from a fire:
that’s all I smelt.
A tingle of fear:
that’s all I felt.

The whirring of wings,
like a gigantic bird
stirring the wind:
that’s all I heard.

Ran off and hid:
that’s all I did,
until the sky cleared
and the signs disappeared
and the dragon was far and high.

Wish I had waved

Poetry workshops for schools

As well as Dragons, I’m offering Space, Wild Woods, and after half term – Spring (Spring Colours for Juniors upwards), as my poetry workshop themes this term.

Any questions, or to make a booking, please contact me any time.
Tel. 01446 760124 or email: .

Happy New Year!

The poems on this page are by, and copyright of: Kate Williams.


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