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Book of animal poems for 7-12s

Wildlife Poems – celebrating the first 5 years!

My book Wildlife Poems, a brightly covered paperback collection for children, is now celebrating its 5th year.

So, with World Book Day approaching (March 6th), as well as the book’s 5th birthday to celebrate, now seems a good time for a fresh whirl in the window.

Wildlife Poems  is packed with easy-read but thought-provoking poems in a colourful assortment of styles. The verses look at animals and their environments from offbeat angles – often humorous, sometimes quirky, and occasionally slightly sinister.

Comments I received from poets, on publication of the book:

Congratulations on producing such a fine-looking book. Superior, I would say, to some published by the large presses.
Roger McGough

These poems move quickly down the page like animals might, unleashing rhymes and rhythms everywhere.
Ian McMillan (poet, broadcaster, journalist and playwright)

Kate Williams finds a subject, gives it a twist and hey presto, that little bit of magic a poem needs is conjured up.
Brian Moses (poet)

Sample poems: 

Nightfall Fantasy

Head of mouse,
teeth of rat,
vampire wings
that whip and slap,
eyes that don’t see,
ears that do:
donkey’s ears that stare at you,
hamster’s body,
piglet’s nose,
gymnast’s legs
that hang from toes,
voice – a pixie’s tiny wail,
hobby: night-flight:

(Identified in Riddle Answers, at back of book.)

In a Forest Far Away


a zillion silver snow-flakes, in spangles,
a mesh of silver twiglets, in tangles,
a swathe of silver tree trunks, at angles,
a pair of twitching triangles,



 (Identified in Riddle Answers, at back of book.)

Hippos and Haikus

A rhinoceros
fits neatly in a haiku,
but a hippopot…


Lazing on dry sand,
gazing at high gulls,
holding golden days in my hand.

Who for?

The book was written with junior-aged children in mind, but has proved popular with both smaller and bigger youngsters, as well as teachers, parents, grandparents, and adults for their own enjoyment!


Further information about Wildlife Poems can be found on Book (for kids) page, along with more reviews from other poets and more sample poems.

To buy

Wildlife Poems (ISBN 9780953842841, retail price £4.99) is available to order from bookshops, or via the Welsh Books Council or any wholesale book company, or from me, either via PayPal (if you have an account with them) or by cheque (postal address supplied on request). 

Copyright: please note the all poems on this page are by myself and therefore my copyright. If you wish to use any for public use, such as publishing, performing or broadcasting, please check with me first. Thank you.

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  1. Congratulations on your book revived and survived!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my neglected first home. More activity here nowadays including a short story offered to friends! Book getting some attention but attention not persuading sales! You’ll get in impression from meandering through the afore mentioned. Speaking at Watkins Bkshop Thursday 13th so any London friends likely to be interested do tell ( if the tube strike is over by then. All good thoughts and Happy New Year

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