Posted by: Poems For Fun | February 9, 2014

Flood song

Floods are a Pain (song)

We’re used to bad weather:
we’re used to the rain.
We’re British: we bear it: 
we barely complain,
but floods, floods, floods 
are a pain!

Showers are fine;
storms we don’t mind.
We don’t need the sun to shine,
but floods, floods –
at floods we draw the line.

Mud round the TV, the settee, the chair,
the cooker, fridge, freezer – everywhere!
Door to door, floor to floor, up the stair,
a flood of raw sewage – doom, despair!

We’re used to bad weather;
we’re used to the rain,
but floods, floods, floods
are a

More songs, rants and rhymes in my three performances:

The Grim Side of Gardening
The Mad Side of Modern 
The Odd Side of Old

Copyright of above poem/song belongs to me, Kate Williams. If you wish to use for any form of publication, public performance or broadcast, please contact me first. Thank you.


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