Posted by: Poems For Fun | March 17, 2014

Spring poetry

March is marching on, and it’s high time I caught up with it on my blog!

Cheeping chicks, skipping lambs, bouncing bunnies (and the odd stray penguin, kangaroo, T-Rex, etc.) have been featuring in my Spring poetry sessions at schools these last few days. Never mind the occasional grey sky, the odd grab for a cardigan, the stubborn, seemingly unshifting bareness of the trees! Children have the imagination and flexibility to leapfrog such hurdles – sideways: to throw themselves into the idea of spring. Yes, ideas are what children love best, especially their own! After all, what could be more fun than to fly away on a roller-coaster of fantasies, memories, impressions, dreams, words, sounds, pictures, music, and the electric buzz of inspiration-sharing? 

To put all that in a nutshell, my Spring poetry topic is proving as fun and rewarding as my other topics of the term (Dragons, Space and Wild Woods). Great for keeping fit, too, with all the baby animal movements round hall or classroom, and if I’m not several stone lighter by Easter, I’ll be pretty disappointed! Take today’s exertions at Gowerton Primary School alone, where I was eight times a bunny, squirrel, robin, butterfly, puppy and goodness knows what else (no, not penguin though, nor even wolf – one has to draw a line somewhere, I’m afraid) around their Infants’ site. I might even allow myself a Cadbury’s Creme Egg after a few more weeks of such springy school visits!

In other schools, we’ve been discovering what an irresistible dish spring makes, with our cups of colour and flakes of freshness, our spoonfuls of sweet scents and ladles of light! 

And with summer round the corner, I’m already digging out my buckets, spades and sea monsters, ready for next term’s Sea themes.

Happy spring!



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