Posted by: Poems For Fun | April 6, 2014

April update

Suddenly it’s spring… isn’t it?  Well, depending which day, or moment in fact, you happen to look out of the window. The flora and fauna seem to think it’s spring anyway – thank goodness – even if the sky’s still um-ing and er-ing, so that keeps us at the window – and even door, just about!

As for springtime in my school workshops, that’s been going on for weeks, all through the grey gloom of these past weeks. Yes, I know what you’re going to say: the weekends have been lovely (some of them). But I’m talking weekdays, those grim, chilly, colourless stretches of seeming stagnation during which I was scheduled to visit various primary schools around the country (by their kind, and much appreciated invitation) to inspire children on the theme of – yes, Spring.  My fault, I offered it (amongst others) in a spurt of wild optimism, and they must, presumably, have chosen it in like spirit.

Fortunately, children are equipped with the flexibility,  imagination, and pop-open fizz-cans of enthusiasm to leap into any theme, with a little coaxing. So, with a few photos, a bit of acting out (being bunnies, chicks etc. in this case) and some touchy-feely artefacts (cuddly baby animal toys from my local charity shop), class after class of our nation’s youngsters spun their magic, producing the fresh, fragrant spray of spring poetry delights I’d so recklessly hoped for, in schools all round the country. Congratulations again to them all!

Yes, in classrooms I’ve been celebrating – with their help – the wonders of spring. In my gardening performances for adults – The Grim Side of Gardening – my focus has been more on the blunders than the wonders, but with a sprinkling of the latter too: wonders that anything at all has sprouted in my muddy, floody, abandoned plot, for instance; wonder that weeds can, in a certain light, look quite pretty; wonder that those cursed wild geraniums are still multiplying away as per usual, despite the feverish zest with which I attacked  them on that last sunny Sunday. 

Flaming geranium –
every one the samium –
wax but never wanium,
driving me insanium!

But here comes the sun suddenly, and looking likely to stay at least five minutes – just long enough to fire up preliminary plans for my summer workshop themes: seasides and ocean mysteries;  jungle rumbles through giant fronds; glint of a dragonfly in mint-blue sky, flitting round glittery pond! 

Meanwhile, happy Easter!


Copyright note:
Please note that copyright of all content on this page, including the rhyme, is by, and copyright of, me – Kate Williams. If you wish to use any of the above text for any commercial purpose, please contact me first. Thank you. (See Contact for details.)


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