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Published poems supporting workshops

Using my published poems to support my workshops

My summer term workshop themes are Sea, Jungle and Mini-Beasts, and I’ll be bringing along one or two of my published poems on these topics to add to the input, where relevant to age and focus.

If you’re a head teacher, class teacher or literacy coordinator, and perhaps thinking of booking a workshop, you might like to glance at a few, so here’s a sample. (Not much to hand on the Jungle theme, but numerous jungly poems in my own book, Wildlife Poems – see relevant page here.)



On wings flake-fragile,
petal-frail, you somehow sail,
mile after long mile.


Published in Let’s Recycle Grandad, A & C Black, 2008  (Haiku)


Moth in the Bathroom

Round my head,
in my face,
over the basin,
all over the place,
on the mirror,
round the light,
through the window,
into the night.


To be published later this year in The School Magazine – the Australian monthly pamphlet  produced by New South Wales’s state education department.



Sea monster sighting

(lines supposed to spread gradually across page, but not possible on this site).


Gliding, dipping
tilting, tipping
across the turquoise tinsel

plunging, swooping
through the wedding-dress lace

singing to the sunset sky
her giantess’s lullaby

fading, fraying
sinking, shrinking
melting away in the sun’s last ray
with her song
without trace


Published in The School Magazine, Australia, 2013 (Orbit series, issue 10).



Seabed Secrets  

Like nocturnal eyes
glimmering in gloomy woods,
deep sea shoals shimmer.


Published in The School Magazine, Australia, 2011 (Blast Off series, issue 6)  (Haiku)


Visible Invisible

In and out of sight
the sandy sidewinder slides:
now you see him, now…


Published in Wild, Macmillan, 2009 (Haiku)

What we found at the seaside

This poem (below) features in A First Poetry Book, Macmillan, 2012, and also in The School Magazine. Click on images to enlarge.


NB: All poems on this site are copyright: Kate Williams.

Published poems 1
My 1st Poetry Bk 002

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