Posted by: Poems For Fun | July 2, 2014

Publication news


Between my workshops, I’ve been scribbling away as ever –  in the garden, at the kitchen sink, between poetry sessions in  school halls and classrooms, at the motorway service station on the way home, anywhere and everywhere, with various outcomes in the pipeline. 

A book of my poems, for 5-8 year-olds, entitled Poetry Party, is to be published next year by Thynks Publications.

Meanwhile, I shall be contributing to an international children’s poetry collection about food and where it all comes from, for Canadian anthologist Carol-Ann Hoyte.

My poem ‘Summer’s day sea’ is to feature in a future issue of The School Magazine, Australia. It goes like this:


Summer’s day sea

The sea’s so twinkly and flashy!
So silky and calm and blue!
So frilly and swilly and splashy!
So clear we can see right through!

So wish we could stay in all day,
just lolling about in the spray!
Oh, to stay the whole holiday,
and the whole of next term too!

‘Moth in the Bathroom’, mentioned previously, has been published in their July issue.

You can read it here:

Details of my recently published poems can be found @

and also at:

But now to prepare for my last school workshops of the term – my final summer plunges into the refreshing, rolling waves of childhood imagination and creativity! Many thanks to all schools involved, and congratulations to all the children I’ve worked with this term so far!

But I can hardly wait for the next school year to start now, and to get cracking with my new autumn themes: sailing leaves, soaring swallows, thundering giants, dark-defying fireworks, and more!

Any comments or questions? Please email me @ .



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