Posted by: Poems For Fun | August 8, 2014

Battles with bindweed

Phew! That’s this evening’s watering circuit done! Mind you, most of it landed on the weeds and brambles and the various multiplying monster plants I’m sure I never knowingly planted, that are swiftly taking over my garden. As for the bindweed – it’s a total bind: the few shrub successes I have in my garden are bound up so tight with the merciless stuff that their style is seriously cramped. But then, they’re dying of drought anyway, so what’s the odds? 

Yes, global warming seems to be here at last, doesn’t it?  Just when we were all starting to get to grips with global cooling – unless there’s more of that round the corner – there’s just no knowing any more. But yes, suddenly we’re swamped with excess produce: we’re overrun with beans, stuffed with strawberries, crushed with the weight of ever-rising mounds of courgettes, bogged down in bucketfuls of blackcurrants, and turning green with lettuce consumption… and when we manage to hoist ourselves up and peer over the top of the heap, we find our lawns need mowing again – what’s left of them.

As for my gardening poetry entertainments – I’m having to revamp them – and fast. All the usual old stuff about barren, boggy borders with no sign of life except slugs, is seemingly out of date. Just when I thought I had my little show all under wraps, I’m having to whisk up a whole new whirl of rhymes to fit this shock-wave of weird new gardening conundrums. Still, I don’t think I’ll go so far as to chuck the old ones in the bin: not until or unless next spring produces a Wordsworthian host of daffodils across my patch – and the patch is still a patch, and not a lake. 

Meanwhile, I’m sticking one or two of my new, garden-glut-focused rhymes on my Grim Side of Gardening page here, as I go, for any gardeners who may like a browse between watering duties – or any non-gardeners, of course, or half-hearted strugglers like me. Any topic suggestions welcome, by the way!

Keep calm and carry on cutting, collecting, cooking, consuming…




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