Posted by: Poems For Fun | October 1, 2014

Spooks + sparks for classroom poetry!

‘Rabbits and hares!’ some of us say on the first day of a new month. ‘White rabbits!’ say others. But in classrooms around the country we’ll be saying ‘Foxes, stoats, owls, hoots, squeaks, twitches, shudders…!’  We’ll be opening the doors and windows too, to watch and listen to the secret world of trees and woods and skies. We may need a bit of classroom space too, because we’ll be acting out those furtive prowls and peeps and leaps in our Wild Wood workshops, and spinning our pumpkin-orange, tiger-gold, … ?-bronze leaves from ceiling to floor, in our Autumn Leaves sessions.

As Halloween creeps up on us, we’ll be stirring up the odd – very odd! – woodland recipe too! We may even throw in a fistful of spells – no cruel ones though… unless cruel to homework perhaps. I’m afraid this one is a favourite:

Dawn, dusk, night and day,
Let my homework go away!

plus this development:

Gold, silver, scarlet, black –                            (or other colours, of course!)
And make sure it never comes back!

We’ll be snatching at those early fireworks too, whisking their shrieks, bangs, whizzes and pops into our bubbling cauldron – perhaps even a hint of hot-dog! As for that darkening sky, it won’t just be blue or grey or black: it might be smoke-blue, wolf-grey, witch-black, or murky, mysterious indigo (apart from the glints of eyes and flashes of tail-tips, and the sweeps and swoops of departing swallows, perhaps).  Or is there a fabulous sunset, in fact?

But these are just my own dreamings. The children in my workshops will have their own, of course.  The only thing I can be sure of is that, as ever, the classrooms will buzz and pencils hum as those amazing young imaginations fly, and I’ll be in for a poetry treat every time!

My topics for the rest of term are Autumn Leaves, Wild/Winter Woods, Fireworks, Giants (which have already taken some of us to the most mind-boggling and hilarious of situations!) and Christmas Colours for the end of term. All are exciting, fun and full of creative potential.

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Kate Williams
Children’s poet & Workshop Leader




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