Posted by: Poems For Fun | January 5, 2015

Poetry Workshops for Spring

Greetings, teachers and head teachers! 

Dragons, Castles, Weather (of all kinds) and School Sounds are my theme choices this term, together with Spring Woods after half term, with poetry workshops on offer for children aged 3 – 13. 

With the help of picture displays, hands-on artefacts, class discussion, word-building challenges, acting-out, and – for younger children – clapping rhymes and songs with ukulele, I provide workshops for children at all ability and confidence levels. I work in primary and secondary schools, referral units, nurseries, libraries, and anywhere else you may wish to suggest. 

I’m happy to travel just about anywhere from my home in S. Wales, covering a huge area to date, including London, the South and South West, the Midlands and Manchester. 

With 8.30 a.m. as my arrival time, my day’s timetable is flexible to fit with yours – provided I can grab a breather mid-morning and ditto lunchtime for survival purposes!  I find four sessions per day works well, with any extra time to be allotted as you see fit.

Please see Workshops page (no link – please click on relevant page) for further details and latest feedback from schools. You may also like to browse the Children’s Poetry (click relevant page) or follow the links to other examples and photos on school websites.

Any questions? Please get in touch!

All best for the term ahead!



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