Posted by: Poems For Fun | March 14, 2015

Latest published poems

My new poem ‘The Big Eco-Friendly Giant’ features in the latest issue of The Caterpillar, along with another, Zebra Crossing. You can read them here (or not).

Two of my poems contribute to collections for 5-7 year-olds, to be published by Wayland this summer (anthologist Brian Moses), Summer and Seasons respectively. This pair of books will be complemented by another, Animals and Festivals – watch out for the quartet!

Details of other current and future publications can be found on my Published page.

The irresistible cosiness of poetry-writing – each time a poem of mine is accepted, the news provides me with a convenient excuse to sit down and write more – at least, that’s how I like to see it. That means more slouching on the sofa in front of the fire, or on the garden chair in the sunshine, or even in bed with hot water bottle if feeling very lazy, or if recuperating from an accidental half night of writing. After all, what could be more tempting than to tap idly away at your laptop, slumped in some such luxury setting, rather than tackling the washing-up, the ironing pile, the garden jungle, the latest re-decorating plan, or any other task you care to name? So the more excuses the better. But it’s more than that, of course. Poetry-writing is a game – one of the best, in my opinion.

To focus in on a poem is to shut out everything else; to bask in the calm simplicity of a little word pattern. First, there’s the topic to choose, then the aspect to select, then the twist to consider, then the approach to mull over, then the words to delve for, pick out and throw back, to shake up and delve again, while the world goes round elsewhere. It’s a mini composeum of Lego and dominoes, Scrabble and pairs – and uncountable more too – all mixed up together!  With each handful, each word, each sound, each tint (I see colours with words), there’s a multiple game to play. And as for those chores…. well, it’s just amazing how long they can wait, you know.  

So never mind the comings and goings outside my window, or the weather or the international news, or the admin. waiting at my elbow! I’m in my poem, at the hub of some question or the heart of some matter, basking in the calm centre of a lake’s rippling rings, examining its cause and effect, and what to do about them – as it were. Utter indulgence!  But such tireless entertainment, I’d recommend poetry-writing to anyone, at whatever level appeals. (I rather like level 1 myself.)

So, happy reading and writing! 



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