Posted by: Poems For Fun | March 18, 2015

Summer bookings…

Yes, it’s already time to be looking ahead to next term, and planning a poetry day, perhaps! 

True, the children all wrote poems for World Book Day, or perhaps for another recent event. But creative writing is a complex, multi-faceted skill that takes years of practice and experience to develop. Poetry alone offers limitless potential for self expression! There’s always another way to write a poem, and another way to look at a subject. So the more opportunities to delve in and try out different approaches, the better, of course! 

Poetry might not serve an obvious purpose in life, yet it can help and enhance our lives in countless ways. If a child is confident about crafting a verse, he’ll probably feel confident about writing a letter later in life, or debating a point or raising a question or applying for a job, all of which he’ll probably need to do at some point. If he can summon the language he needs, and arrange it effectively for his purpose, he’ll be off to a great start, and every classroom poem will help him on his way. But, of course, poetry is for more than that: as with all art forms, it’s for enjoyment, or self fulfillment, or whatever he might want to call it. So again, the wider we can open the door for him, the better! (I’m using ‘he’ and ‘him’ for convenience here.)

One of the wonders I witness in a workshop is seeing the less confident writers get scribbling without even seeming to quite notice they’re doing so – and then not wanting to stop! It’s that sort of subject: it sounds so dull yet offers so much!  A step can turn into a leap, and a leap into an adventure, all in a flash.

So, I’ll be running poetry workshops for Nursery to Year 8, as ever, next term, in Wales, the Midlands, the South West and London, for any schools, nurseries, referral units or libraries that may be interested.

(Please note, I do not recommend my workshops for special schools, apart from referral units for children in mainstream education.)

Details of my workshops, including content, pictures and feedback, can be found here.

Happy spring!

Phone: 01446 760124


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