Posted by: Poems For Fun | April 13, 2015

Summer creativity!

Welcome to the summer term, teachers – a term to be governed by who knows which political party?!

Let’s just hope, whichever party it be, they allow a little chink in the curriculum for creativity at last! Let’s hope they stop to see, as you teachers do, that there’s more to education than SATS results: in particular, that children have the most amazing, over-brimming imaginations, coupled with a stunning potential for creativity that deserves to be tapped, nurtured, stretched and launched! Somehow, you insightful and determined teachers manage to squeeze in opportunities for this between the slots and tick-boxes and targets – but how, I just don’t know!

So let’s pray that whoever governs after May 7th grants you some space and freedom to teach and nurture as you see fit!

On top of these wild hopes, I have an the even wilder one about school budgets… or are thin air and magic wands to be relied on yet again?

I’m crossing fingers for a bit of summer sunshine for schools after the election, especially on the creativity-tapping front! 

Meanwhile, my poetry workshops are available as ever to help where I can, with prices reduced where possible to help in that way too. Details (including latest rates) can be found on my Workshops page.

All the best,


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