Posted by: Poems For Fun | May 14, 2015

Summer themes

Hello schools!

My summer term themes are seasonal, fun and, as ever, open-ended. I’m offering a choice of three topics, though they tend to overlap and stray off who knows where as ideas fly and imagery sets the room alight. 

My 3 loose themes are:

Insect World
Summer Woods and their Wildlife

Seaside can lead into Tempest, Under the Sea or Sea Monsters for junior classes, as required at booking stage.

I find Seaside the most effective theme for infant classes. 

What’s involved? 

Seaside – and beyond: We celebrate the lights and sounds, movements and mysteries of the sea, the fun and feel of the sand, the joys of jumping frilly waves, and the vastness and power of the open sea.

Insect World: We celebrate the delicacy and grace of insects and their myriad ways of moving through sky and over land, not forgetting, though, their colourful array of characters, and the menace of some, too; we follow their weaving, whizzing or floating roamings through their summery settings, whatever they may be, perhaps even drifting into fantasy land!

Summer Woods and their Wildlife: We celebrate the lush beauty of summer woods – or trees in parks or other green spaces – and the deep, cool shadows beneath; we watch for playful squirrels and snooping foxes, sparkling sunbeams and milky moonlight, whispering leaves and squelchy puddles, but who knows where our wanderings will lead us? or we may. In fact, each child will make his or her own personal venture, as with every theme. That’s the delight of a poetry workshop – we build and share together, but each child will branch off in their own individual way and make their own discoveries – and creations.

What sort of poetry?

We explore for vivid, expressive words and imagery, turning descriptions into similes, and similes into metaphors, and sometimes shrinking the whole poem into a tiny, 17-syllable haiku. We experiment with alliteration and bring ideas to life with onomatopoeia; when time, we investigate rhyme possibilities, and how to juggle language and swap in alternative words to find the best rhyme for the role. In longer sessions, we may stretch ideas into recipe poems, or jiggle them into riddles, or shape them into pictures, or turn them into mini-performances, with actions and sound effects. No two sessions are the same!

Further details available on my Workshops page, or just ring or email me any time to discuss or make a booking.


Tel. 01446 760124
Vale of Glamorgan, S. Wales.


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