Posted by: Poems For Fun | June 14, 2015

Poetry via Skype!


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I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a major extension to my workshop services – via Skype!  My online inputs, in association with agency Authors Abroad, will be available from the start of July.

Cost-effective simplicity!
 A screen session offers a flexible, budget-friendly alternative to an author visit, enabling schools to slot in a creative writing boost whenever and wherever they want it, without the all-day commitment, logistics and added in travel costs of an ‘actual’ visit. It won’t be the answer for all schools, nor for every time, but it’s an option rich with positives and potential.

Cost: £40 + reclaimable* VAT per 30-minute session.

Price includes downloadable follow-up materials.
Booking is through Authors Abroad (contact details below).
(*VAT is reclaimable except for certain independent schools.)

Workshop themes: I can offer a much wider variety for Skype sessions than for school visits, not having to lug associated junk along on journeys or round school buildings. Giving 30-min. inputs only, as opposed to overseeing the writing process as well, will allow me time between Skypes to switch mind and materials for the next, so pick and choose as you wish!

The list: Creepy Crawlies, Wild Woods, Jungle, Birds, Windy Day, Tempest, Seaside, Under the Sea, Sea Monsters, Dragons, Giants, Castles, Space, Sky, Town at Night, Busy Street, Autumn Leaves,  Christmas Colours, Spring Animals, Spring Colours, School Sounds.

Downloadable support resources:  I will email downloadable backup materials (poetry frames, support poem, song and action-rhyme wording, as relevant) the day before.Presentations: I also offer 30-minute interactive Skype talks on ‘Why I love writing poems’, including 5 min. Q&A time.

Maximum number of sessions per day: morning: 3; afternoon: 2.

Versatile uses: while unlocking imagination, stretching language skills, and firing enthusiasm for poetry-writing, an input can also serve in other ways, such as an end-of-term treat, a boost to a class topic, a link with the outside world, or just a change from ordinary lessons. For children, it offers an enjoyable and vibrant learning experience.

To discuss: please contact me (see below) or Shelley Lee at Authors .

To book: please email Shelley Lee at Authors .

Poetry frame examples 
are available on my other website:, ‘Poetry Frames‘ page.

Any comments on this world-wide-web-workshop-way welcome!

Tel. 01446 760124


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