Posted by: Poems For Fun | July 26, 2015

Poetry frames available

Hello teachers,

This is to let you know that I’ve at last got all my 70 available poetry frames on display for browsing, and perhaps purchasing. You’ll find them on my overflow website, . The frames overflow, too, onto a second page.

About the poetry frames

I design and make my own poetry frames, so don’t expect a polished, professional look! But they have been tried and tested in primary schools across Wales and England with rewarding results, as confirmed by class teachers. Despite my wobbly illustrations and ruler use, they get kids enthused and busy, which is their aim. The designs are child-friendly, with illustrations and clear formats, some in idea-spurring shapes! Each one encourages one or more types of language or poetic technique, serving as springboards for more independent poetry writing. Some children rely on them to get them started, while others give them a glance and shoot off in their own direction, taking one or two of their elements. Either way, results have been stunning through the years. 

Further poetic techniques

When moving on to further aspects and types of poetry (such as metaphor, kenning, cinquain, rhyming couplet, limerick, recipe poem or haiku), I encourage independent writing, especially at key stage two, so you won’t find many sheets that cater for such developments.

You may like to add or delete the odd line to suit plans and pupils, or adapt the sheet to fit a different topic. I’m forever adapting my sheets to fit specific needs. That’s why I only have 70 to offer. The other 100+ are too messy!

Prices and ordering 

The A4, black and white, downloadable sheets are 25p each (min. payment 50p), with free guidance notes on a separate sheet. Needless to say, the watermark will be absent from your PDF copy!

I’m afraid I don’t have the computer skills to offer an automated ordering facility, but will email you your required sheets on receipt of payment, via PayPal or post, and, of course, your sheet order.

(PayPal payments should be to my email address:, but you’ll find instructions on the page anyway.) To post payment, please contact me for my address.

Book illustrations to buy 

I’m also offering a selection of my illustrations from my first book, Swinging through the Sky, Poems for Children, in case useful to anyone. Details are on my overflow site again, ‘Book Illustrations’ page.

Any questions or comments? Please contact me at any time.
Tel. 01446 760124



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