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Summer topic choices – schools

Easter greetings, teachers and head teachers! 

Summer is a wonderful time for poetry sessions: you can take them outside, and bring the essence back in, or if that’s not possible, at least drink the season in at the window! 

My theme choices for the term will be:

Seaside and/or Ocean, Rain Forest/Jungle, and Creepy Crawlies. 

With the sea theme, I focus on beach and seaside with KS1, with extra choices of Stormy Sea, Sea Monsters and Under the Sea for Juniors. Of course, with double sessions or more, we can move and develop the focus at all levels, and may end up with a crazy treasure map or a fascinating recipe for the sea. But no two sessions are the same, so every one is an adventure – for me as well as the children.

With Rain Forest or Jungle, we’ll focus chiefly on sensory ideas: colours, sounds, feelings, smells (pleasant and less so) and perhaps – for the brave – tastes! Let me know whether you’re studying jungles – as opposed to rain forests – so I can include some jungle animals; otherwise, I’ll try and avoid them, to save confusion.

Younger children will be writing their poems over tangly, twiny illustrations, and along a snake too, time permitting; older ones may like to re-write their completed poems in shapes and settings of their own.

Creepy crawlies offer something for everyone: they can be fun, fascinating, beautiful, spooky and more. If you were an insect, what sort would you be – or shall we let the children decide? As for their outdoor settings – they’ll open more doors again for creativity!

Younger children can write ON their chosen ‘mini-beasts’, while older writers may have too much to say about a ladybird to fit it on its back as it sails through the (who knows what?) sky or crawls through the …?  A haiku might just fit, though, or a re-write over page-wide artwork later.

But we won’t just be writing, or even wandering outside -we’ll be enacting, miming, sounding, impersonating, throwing words and ideas into the air, building images, making up rhymes with the help of a ukulele, and performing and sharing the hour’s creations.

I never tire of running poetry workshops, because children and poetry together are so rewarding!

To book or enquire, please contact me either by phone – 01446 760124, or email: .

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