Posted by: Poems For Fun | October 29, 2016

Sparkling similes for winter

Welcome back, teachers! How about some sparkly poetry fun to brighten up your wintry classrooms? 

Once children start dreaming up imagery for an exciting poem, winter gloom disappears and glittering possibilities take over. Ideas ricochet off the walls, are caught, twisted and sent whizzing again, from mind to mind, and by writing time there’s so much to say, it has to be filtered and crafted to get it into the poem you want – an absorbing challenge for writers of all levels. Reading out, in groups, out at the front, is exciting, but not scary because I’m there to help, as are the other children and their teacher (you), and it feels good to stretch legs and look down the classroom from the front for a change – and that round of applause afterwards feels pretty good too!

My topic choices for November and December are: Fireworks, Woodland Creatures, Winter Colours and My Street (daytime for KS1/2, or lit up at night for KS2 upwards). One topic per day, please. 

Dates for next term are going fast. Early booking recommended.


Tel. 01446 760124


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