Pupil Poetry 2

This is Page 2 of my Children’s poetry display. All poems here were produced by young writers in my workshops. Congratulations to them all and thanks to the staff involved for allowing me to display them. 

These poems are by pupils in Years 7 and 8 at Pencoed Comprehensive School, S. Wales, on the theme of winter lights.

David S.

The Dark-Destroyer

As I gazed out of my bedroom window,
a dazzling sight met my eyes

Because where the lamppost had once been
were a set of blinding fireflies.

Bracelets for girls

These took my breath right away.

Ice blades
Scorching hot flames

Now I really want these things.

But I now know these things will not stay here.
So I stare in wonder as they arrive,

The blackout of night as a background,
the best place for these wonders to thrive.


Freya T.

Shadow Fighter

The moon turns into a circle of lit up cheese.

The stars become yellow, gleaming beads
making necklaces as you join the dots.

Houses weren’t houses but dolls that
you could dress up in twinkling outfits.

Streetlights were giant 5p coins
flashing like a torch.

Fireworks were spider webs
spinning and whirling until a beautiful spiral is revealed.

Flashlights became wonderful, dancing show lights.

Searchlights searching becoming
sniffer dogs looking for something, someone,
in the dark.

Owls’ eyes, cats’ eyes staring each other down
until finally they give up ’till the next time.


Morgan H.

The Light in the Dark

I light a firework.
It explodes into a fiery dragon in the stone cold wind.

The cars at night are a river of diamonds
that are reflected by the misty moon.

I open a treasure chest as a scorching gold lit up my face.

The dark night is like an endless abyss
with white fiery demons ready to feast.

I see florescent [?] fish paddle around my feet
as I dive in the shadow coated reef.



The fireworks dart into the sky
like scorching lava dashing by.
They stare like owls’ eyes flashing
through the midnight sky.
Looping lively through the air.
Keep your eyes peeked if you dare.
Shooting into the world of oblivion.





Ben S.

My House at Christmas

My house at Christmas shimmers and glimmers.
It is a  massive ball of excitement.
It is a sea of whizzing, darting, dancing lights.
My house is a beautiful wash of mystifying lights.
It lights up the dark, misty night sky.
My house is an eye blinder.



Ffion J.


I am the world’s spy,
lighting up when cars pass by.
They never see me.



Ewan H.

Shadow Stalker, or From My Window

From my window I see a town of glistening light.
Fireflies and glow worms, each one bright.

The stars glisten like rubies
and the moon is a silver ball ready for the night.

The cars turn into fish in a tank
and the lamps are jewels.

A big bleak black ocean
of light glistening as bright as rubies and gems.

The bridge becomes a dragon’s back shining and glistening.
As day comes the dragon goes home until the night.



A Winter’s Dream

Suddenly I looked through my bedroom window and I looked at
what would be a winter’s dream.

The street lights are stars dazzling onto the cold winter’s day.

By the beach I saw the sea that is like an enormous diamond
glistening around you.

Fireworks shooting up in the night sky, they are a dragon’s fire
spitting out of its red hot mouth.

A plane’s flickering red light is like a firefly searching in the night.

Falling leaves like dancing butterflies around the lamppost.

Then I woke up, back to a normal day.


And now for some fun poems by the same groups,
including haiku, recipes with a difference, and daft limericks:

Erin S.

I woke up on Christmas Day –
oops! It’s the middle of May.
I got out of bed and bumped my head.
Could it get any worse? I say.



A Recipe for Excitement

First take an ocean full of light
and add it to a bowlful of adrenaline.
A rainbow of colours is then needed, to shine bright.
Add a firework to make you jump.
Then mix in a family full of fun.
Leave it to rest within your heart.


Fletcher H.

Here stands a Christmas tree,
towering over me.
It’s very bright, full of light.
To get in, Santa needs a key.


Liam F.

When my dad scored a goal in the garden,
he celebrated with glee,
he pulled his T-shirt over his head and
ran into a tree.


Liam F.

Recipe for a Smoothie of Success

(Mix together)
A pinch of people,
a teaspoon of times,
whisk some happiness,
and blend some sadness,
add a spatula of smiles,
a gram of ambition,
an ounce of hope.

This smoothie is for people only wanting a good future.
18 and under.


Kelsey J


There was once a gleaming Christmas tree,
who stood with poise and stood in glee.
It was oh so colourful and extremely lovable.
Its lights shone very twinkly.


Dwei S.

A Recipe for Happiness

Add a pinch of smiling
Stir in a bowl of laughing
Pour in a gallon of good times
Sprinkle a teaspoon of play
Now you’re done.

Serve with a side of friends and cream.


Millie J.




 Olivia L.

A recipe to be the best person

6 oz. of kindness,
an ocean of happiness,
and 4 oz. of trust that will not be told.
And don’t forget the cup of gold.
Stir and fold.
Then leave it somewhere where no one will know.

(May contain salt water.)

Leave it for the future or go back to the past.
Then maybe decorate it with a relationship that will last!




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