Pupil Poetry 1

Thanks and congratulations!

Congratulations to all young poets represented here!

See Pupil Poetry 2 for poetry from other schools.


Extracts from two poems by a Year 2 pupil’s work in my able writer’s day in Stroud, hosted by Gastrell’s Primary School:

The Seaside

The sea is crystal clear, glistening and creative.
The sea is full of wonderful things.

The sea is unpredictable.

The sand is squishy, warm, freezing.

Under The Sea

I dived down in the wonderful sea
to see what I could find.

I found a precious ring,
loads of shipwrecks,

piles of gold.

Who knows what we would find next?

William, Yr 2 
School not recorded


Extracts from poems produced by Yr 5 pupils at Penygaer Primary School, Llanelli, in my ‘Creepy Crawlies’ poetry workshop.

From ‘Fly-devourer’

I dangle from the ceiling,
I scuttle across your floor,
You always try to stamp on me,
But I can go under your door.

From ‘Deadly Dragonfly’

The deadly, bloodsucking dragonfly
goes swiftly over the ocean blue sky.
His wings are like smashed glass shredded to pieces.
His eyes are quite unique.

From ‘Creepy Crawlies’ (1)

A beautiful butterfly goes
fluttering through the elegant blossom tree,
over the gleaming, transparent lake.

From ‘Bug Dance’

A bumblebee dashes
through a stormy wood,
stripes in a blur,
to find something good.

From ‘Creepy Crawlies’ (3)

A bumble bee goes
in and out of the beautifully coloured
petals of the lily.

From ‘Creepy Crawlies’  (4)

A lovely ladybird,
crawling ponderously through the long, itchy grass.

The Buzzing Bee

A stripy golden bee
buzzing furiously,
dancing … like a glowing sun.

From ‘Creepy Crawlies (5)

A spider crawls up your wall.
Maybe when you go to school
you will see it in the hall.


The following ‘Mini-Beast World’ recipe poems are made up of lines from individual ones produced by the writers above (Yr 5, Penygaer Primary School, Llanelli), in the same workshop:

Recipe for a Mini-Beast World

Mix together:

A pinch of sunlight
A bowl of leaves
A cup of gold
A dazzle of chrome
A welly full of mud
A sliver of slime and honey
A waterfall of luminous blue
A lure of twilight

Massage in: your desired amount of fawn, crimson and aqua.

Whisk in:

An Atlantic Sea of grass
a forest of bugs
1 litre of slime
100 grams of whirls
dots, wings, slime, stings
a web of a spider
a dash of poison

Decorate with:

slime, stripes and blood
a flap of wings

Leave to set:

for three days on the bright, blazing sun
in a creepy jungle
on a beach for five days
on a bush for an eternity.

Warning: venomous spider danger.


The poem below is made up of individual lines from the warm-up jottings the children produced on dragonflies. 

– See-through, hovering,
    their wings delicate, fragile, transparent,
– zooming like a flash 
    through the gleaming, shimmering sky. 

– Their wings are elegant, dazzling, shimmering,
–  lacy, delicate, gleaming.
– Glowing, glittery, fluttery, sparkly patterns,
– stunning, beautiful, shooting, dazzling,
– zooming, rocketing through the starlit, dark night sky.
– Wings see-through like glass.


Here is some of the poetry produced by girls at Headington Prep School, Oxford

Reception (group poem):

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves
salad green, red as fire
yellow as stars, rainbow sparkle
a glittery fire.

Autumn leaves
bumpy, silky, diamond whites
rustling, crunchy
windy, dancing, floating, fluttering 
to the ground.

The following ‘night lights’ poems are by Yr 6:

Light Poem

The sky turns into a magical maze of light
Guiding all the travellers walking through the night
And through the window shines the light of the pearl white moon
But it shall be replaced by the suns light soon.

Night Light Haiku

At night light shimmers,
like dragons’ breath glistening.
Moonlight everywhere.

My Town and the Dark

My town lights up with friendly lights
Making this dark night a little bit more bright
And people from all around
Are making a babble of sound

Big Ben makes a twelfth strike
And the people in the town are heading home on bikes
The car brake lights are jewels
And the people dressed in white remind me of ghouls

The cattle in the field are dozing off to sleep
And this is a memory I am going to keep
The green leaves are now looming shadows
And in the church I hear the sound of cellos


The poetry below is by Yrs 3 & 4, Paxcroft Primary School, Wiltshire, produced in my ‘dragon’ workshops there.

Here’s a link to photos from the day on the school website: http://www.paxcroft.wilts.sch.uk/skylark-2/

I’ve taken lines from each child’s poem and combined them to form several group poems:

Dragon poetry workshop, with Y3/4, Paxcroft Primary School, Wilts.

Watch out!

Watch out for Ice Blasting Dragon!
He feels like a boiling kettle, boiling madly.   Sam R.
He goes darting and dashing
like a shooting star in the pitch black sky.   Libby C.
He goes twirling through the clouds
like a spinning top.   Ellie C.
He goes terrifying people in the town
like a skeleton at night. James M.
He goes sneaking in the woods
like an M15 agent.     Serena S.
He goes bouncing through the jungle
like a crazy kangaroo.    Rhys L.
He goes leaping and jumping
like a kangaroo on the hot ground.    Alfie D.
He goes flying like mad,
like a deer in the air with wings, flying for the first time ever.   William O.


Watch out for the Golden Glow Dragon!
…He goes roaring off
like a rocket with rabbits.    Harvey T.
He goes front flipping
like an acrobat who has gone bonkers.    Beau H.
He goes crazy 
like a clown,
he goes twirling like a ballerina.  Gabriella F. 
He goes evily crazy, like a baddy doing somersaults.
He goes sneaking and tiptoeing
like a secret spy robbing gold.    Jakub M.
He goes in thorn bushes to get spikes to protect him
like a tortoise protecting himself.    Maisie H.
He goes to town in South America, 
like a running tiger.
Sometimes he flies like an owl.     Daria G.

Pax 4a

Watch out for the Shining Star Dragon!
He goes pouncing extremely fast,
like a cuddly pet cat.    Callum D.
He goes twirling round the classroom
like an elegant ballerina.    Rachel I.
He goes jumping like a frog,
he goes spiralling like a tornado.    Simon K.
He goes shooting at the moon
like  rocket just after lift off.    Jamie B.
He goes to the African jungle

like a pouncing tiger and flies like an eagle
and runs like a cheetah.
He goes to God when he is sad
like a part of the planet falling down.    Nikola

Pax 3a

Watch out for the stormy, skyscraper dragon!
He goes sprinting spirally
like a lightning bolt in the sky
changing its mysterious ways.     Tyler T.
He goes bonkers like a robber climbing on walls
ROAR!     Jacob S.
He goes whizzing, spiralling
like a ballet teacher spinning in a hall.    Phoebe S.
He goes exploding, whizzing, buzzing

like a bee on fire coming out of a volcano,
burning on the rock.    Kaitlyn M.
He goes twirling up, down, around and around
like the earth, but faster.  Ellie G.

Watch out for the moody, evil dragon.
He goes swooping, screaming
like a tornado storming in the sky.  Lauren W.
He goes like a clown jumping through a hoop of fire.    Caleb T.
He goes cartwheeling over the circus audience like an acrobat.    Isobel D.

He goes bonkers like a very silly clown.    Paige G.
He goes climbing through the jungle

like a hamster climbing up his cage.
He goes crawling under broken branches
like a crawling puppy under a child’s bed.     Ruby H.
He goes rushing, cartwheeling and spiralling
like a rabbit in Wonderland, late for a party.
He goes sitting, daintily
like a granny on your birthday saying
“Oh, it’s wonderful to see you”.    Olivia C.

Pax 2 a


This poem was created by a Yr 2 group, with a little support from their teacher, Treorchy Primary School, Rhondda, in my ‘Creepy Crawlies’ workshop.

Treorchy spider poem


This poem is by Richard BrummittYr 2, Johnston Primary School, Haverfordwest.

My castle is…

Gloomy and green,
And pitch black.
It has an attic and the attic has cobwebs.
It is enchanted and ancient.
Dragons guard the castle
And the dragons breathe fire.
It is as big as a sky scraper.
It is as green as an emerald.
Inside there lives a dragon who rules the land,
Who likes to burn servants to toast!


Link to display of poems from my workshop at Llangan Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan: http://llanganyear34blog.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/our-poems




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