Kate Williams

Landline (from UK): 01446 760124
Mobile:  07913 690390



Postal address
Please email or ring to request.
Area: Vale of Glamorgan, S. Wales, UK

Second website @

Teachers: have you got here via Authors Abroad?

If you have come to my website via Authors Abroad, and wish to make a booking, please could you contact them direct? Their contact details are:
Authors Abroad

Trevor Wilson
tel. 01535 656015

GARDENING CLUBS and other adult groups:
Sorry – I no longer do readings or shows for adults.



Please note that all poems, artwork, photos and poetry frame designs on this site are by me and therefore my copyright, i.e. copyright: Kate Williams, unless specified otherwise. If you’d like to publish, publicly perform or present, or use for any commercial purpose or financial gain, any of my poems, illustrations, photographs or poetry frame designs, please contact me first to discuss.  Many thanks!

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