Latest publication news

– Here’s my latest published poem, ‘Sleep Spoiler’, recorded and published by The School Magazine, Australia:

– My poem ‘Treasure Chest Mystery’ is on the syllabus for the Beckenham Festival’s Speech & Drama competitions, 2018.

– Four of my poems appear in Wayland’s two new poetry collections, published summer ’17: Poems about Families and Poems about Feelings. Click here for cover picturesBooks available to buy from me at discount prices – see Books to Buy page.

– Australia’s School Magazine to publish two more of my poems, one about a cloudburst over busy streets; the other about sunrise waking us up and spoiling our dreams. Publication probably early 2018.

– October 17 – first contribution to Bumples Magazine. Available to view in online sample edition, p.26.

– My poem, ‘Albatross’, is published recently in Australia’s The School Magazine, with fabulous illustration by Gabriel Evans. Here it is:

Albatross 2


Recent poem publications continued:

 Caterpiller Magazine to publish a fifth poem of mine in their summer issue – from my ‘funny rhymes’ collection. Glad to have an outlet for my sillier verse.

– My first children’s story is to be published by The School Magazine, Australia, some time in 2018. 

– Two articles in April issue of Primary Teacher Update online.

– Article, ‘What (not) to do when experts visit’, The Guardian online TeacherNetwork, January 26th, ’17.

– Poem, ‘City Centre Saturday’ on syllabus of Wirral Festival ’17 Speech & Drama competitions.

– Article, ‘Take a Lucky Dip!’, Practical Pre-School Magazine, January issue, p.3 of pull-out section.

– Poem, ‘Eruption’, Cricket Magazine, arts publication for children, USA, January.

– Poem, ‘Beetle Business’, The School Magazine, Australia, January.

– Further articles in Practical Pre-School and Primary Teacher Update, April.

– Wayland anthologies, Poems about Seasons and Poems about the Seaside, to which contributed, now in paperback as well as hardback (as of spring 2017). Details on ‘Books to buy’ page.

– Poems in Ladybug and Spider magazines, USA, dates to be decided.

Some recently published poems

What is a cloud?

Sometimes a cloud is candy floss,
or a blob of whipped-up cream;
a sash of silk, a splash of milk,
a strawberry-pink ice-cream.

Sometimes a frown, mouth turned down,
before the big tears stream.
Be what it may, it’ll drift away
and vanish like a dream.

Published in: The School Magazine, A literary magazine for young readers, Australia, summer ’16.

Looking through the lily pond

Looking through the lily pond,
through light and shade and tone,
looking deep, past flower and frond –
looking for my phone.

Published in The Caterpillar Magazine,  Ireland, Sept. ’16.

Crosseros Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros is crosseros.
She wants to be the boss of us.
If she could choose, we’d be in zoos,
or gobbled up like sausageos.

Published in The Caterpillar Magazine,  Ireland, June ’16.

Summary of published work

Published poems to date

I have about 180 published poems for children. Please see list at bottom of page for details.

Most of my poems contribute to anthologies produced by national and international publishers, such as Oxford University Press, Macmillan, Scholastic, Red Fox, Hodder Children’s Books, Wayland, Gomer Press and A & C Black.  Others are in literary magazines for young readers, such as New South Wales’s state publication, The School Magazine (examples below), Ireland’s The Caterpillar Magazine, and the USA’s Cricket Magazine. Please see end of page for full list.

National Curriculum 

My poem ‘Break Time’ has contributed to National Curriculum material for personal development and anti-bullying.  First published in Poems About You and Me, Wayland, 1998. Other poems appear in curriculum-linked teachers’ guides.

Articles for teaching magazines and The Guardian online

I write for various publications, including several teaching magazines: Practical Pre-School, Primary Teacher Update, Teach Secondary, Teaching Times and The Guardian‘s online Teacher Network, profile page:


Selection from recent publications

Below are my contributions to Poems about the Seaside (left), and Poems about Seasons (right), Wayland, 2015, anthologist – Brian Moses. Illustrations by Marcela Calderon and Ellie Jenkins respectively.

Treasure poem 002Summer poem 001

Dragon in the Sky

The tip of a spike,
the point of a claw,
the flash of a flame:
that’s all I saw.

Smoke from a fire:
that’s all I smelt.
A tingle of fear:
that’s all I felt.

The whirring of wings,
like a gigantic bird
stirring the wind:
that’s all I heard.

Ran off and hid:
that’s all I did,
until the sky cleared
and the signs disappeared
and the dragon was far and high.

Wish I had waved

(Spring, 2014)

Six of my poems feature in  A child’s First Poetry Book, Pan Macmillan, 2012. Here is one of them:

What I Heard from the Castle Kitchen

The hoot of an owl
The howl of the wind
The rustle of mice
The drip of a well
The clap of a hoof
The roll of a stone
The boom of a knock
The creak of a door

The swish of a gown
The tramping of feet
The murmur of voices
The chill of a gasp
The clashing of swords
The bashing of shields
The clanking of chains
The king’s mighty roar

A child’s First Poetry Book, Pan Macmillan, 2012.

More of my published poems

These two feature in A & C Black’s collection,  Let’s Recycle Grandad, 2008:

Space Has No Ceiling

Space has no ceiling, no  walls, no floor,
no gate to go through to see what’s next door.

There’s nothing to measure; no big, no small –
nothing to climb up, nowhere to fall.

Space has no colours; no green, blue or pink –
apart from the stars, it’s all black as ink.

There’s no sound, no noise, no voice to hear,
no music beyond the atmosphere.

Infinity – that’s what space does best.
But our little Earth has all the rest.


On wings flake-fragile,
petal-frail, you somehow sail,
mile after long mile.


Wicked Winter Tree

Beware the Wicked Winter Tree
when it twists its twilight spell:
when it tangles itself into witches’ hair,
black and bleak as a bottomless well,
and scrapes the sunset bare!

Watch out for the Wicked Winter Tree
when it sweeps up the evening sky,
for who can tell what sneaky spell
may linger there, in its witches’ hair,
waiting for a passer-by?

Published in Moondust and Mystery, Oxford University Press, 2002.

What are families for?

For giving, for caring,
for lending and sharing,
for pass-me-down-wearing,
families are for.

For telling, for hearing,
for clapping and cheering –
and sometimes oh-dearing!
That’s what they’re for.

For pulling together,
come fair or foul weather.
Yes, that’s what they’re for –
and more!

The School Magazine, again, plus to be published again in Wayland’s forthcoming collection of Family poems.

YouTube reading: this video clip shows ‘Noelle’ reading out my poem: ‘City Centre Saturday’, among other poems from Macmillan’s anthology, Read Me Out Loud:


I have published two poetry books of my own:

(1) Swinging Through the Sky – Poems for Children (2006) (sold out);

(2) Wildlife Poems (2009), available to order direct from me, or from
any bookshop or supplier.  See New Book for full details.

List of books in which my poems appear,
latest first:

Poems About Families (2 poems contributing), Anthologist: Brian Moses, 2017
Poems About Feelings
(2 poems contributing), Anthologist: Brian Moses, 2017
Wayland, anthologist: Brian Moses, 2015
Wayland, anthologist: Brian Moses, 2015
Dear Tomato (international anthology), Ed. Carol-Ann Hoyte, 2015
Caterpillar Magazine, Spring 2015.
A First Poetry Book, Pan Macmillan, 2012
And the Crowd Goes Wild!, 
Friesens Press, 2012
When Granny Won Olympic Gold, A & C Black, 2012
Best of Enemies, Best of Friends
, Wayland, 2011

Does Your Face Fit? A & C Black, 2011
Bovington School’s School of Poetry, Authors Abroad, 2011
My Cat Is In Love With The Goldfish, A & C Black, 2010
Read Me At School, Macmillan, 2009
Wild, Macmillan, 2009
Let’s Recycle Grandad, A & C Black, 2008
Read Me Out Loud, Macmillan, 2007
The Works 5, Macmillan, 2006
How To Survive School, Macmillan, 2006
The Poetry Store, Hodder Children’s Books, 2005
Funny Poems For Christmas, Scholastic, 2005
The Trying Flapeze, Oxford University Press, 2004
Poems To Take On Holiday, Oxford University Press, 2004
Disgusting Poems, Scholastic, 2004
Second Thoughts, Gomer Press, 2003
A Glimpse of the Sea, Pembrokeshire County Council, 2003
The Prime Minister is 10 Today, Macmillan, 2003
The Teachers’ Revenge, Macmillan, 2003
Moondust and Mystery, Oxford University Press, 2002
Fire To A Cold World, Books 1 and 2, Welsh Joint Education Committee, 2002(?)
Are We Nearly There Yet?, Macmillan, 2002
Turn That Racket Down, Red Fox, 2001
Elephants Can’t Jump, Belitha Press, 2001
Hysterical Historical Poems, Macmillan, 2000
Unzip Your Lips Again, Macmillan. 1999
My Gang, Macmillan, 1999
Poems about Super-Heroes, Macmillan, 1998.

Poems about You and Me, and Poems about Me, Wayland, 1998
School Trips, Macmillan, 1997

In other publications:

The School Magazine, Australia: numerous, ongoing.
Cricket Magazine, Spider Magazine, Ladybug Magazine, USA.
Caterpillar Magazine, Ireland: various, ongoing.
Bumples arts magazine for children, USA.
The Oldie (1st Prize poetry winner).


Self published collections

Swinging Through The Sky, ISBN 9780953842827, 2007
Wildlife Poems, ISBN 9780953842841, 2009


Articles published:

About 45 articles published to date, mostly in teaching and parenting magazines, most recently for: The Guardian online, ‘Teacher Network’ page, 27.4.16, Practical Pre-School Magazine, 4-7 Magazine, Primary Teacher Update Magazine, Teaching Times Magazine, Teach Secondary Magazine. 



Copyright: please note that I own copyright of all poems presented and listed on this website, and that the book publishers and illustrators own copyright of all pictures on this page and elsewhere on the website. If you wish to use any of the poems in any publication, public performance, professional recording or for any other commercial purpose, please get in touch.  It is not permitted to copy or use any of the pictures on this page. Thank you.




  1. hi Katy,
    today i saw you at William Cobbett school.
    You were teaching poetry to years 5 and 6.
    I enjoyed your lesson and I’m glad I was there.
    Rosie Ryland

  2. hi kate i know that u r coming to wingfield primary school and that u r a fabulous poet and i really want 2 be a poet wen im older like u and mi name is hannah can u talk to me tommorow wen u com to this school and i really lov your poems .

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