Wildlife Poems

Writer & Publisher: Kate Williams
(ISBN: 9780953842841)

Reviews & Comments

Congratulations on producing such a fine-looking book. Superior, I would say, to some published by the large presses.
Roger McGough

These poems move quickly down the page like animals might, unleashing rhymes and rhythms everywhere.
Ian McMillan (poet, broadcaster, journalist and playwright)

Kate Williams finds a subject, gives it a twist and hey presto, that little bit of magic a poem needs is conjured up.
Brian Moses (poet)

The book is a triumph … light of touch, with wonderful verbal imagery and playfulness throughout.
Editor: Funny Poems (

… well-crafted poems with a diverse range of forms, inventiveness of language, and clever employment of rhyme … always under total control.
Graham Denton (poet, anthologist, and editor of Hands Up Books)

Review by a child – click here.


About the book

My 80+ nature and wildlife poems were written for junior-aged children. Styles and moods leap about with the creatures they describe.  Riddle Answers and an Index of Creatures are supplied at the back. Pictures are left to imagination.


Ordered from me (from within UK):
£3.50 inc. p&p.
(Payment via PayPal or cheque.)
From bookshops: £4.99
From the Welsh Books Council, £4.99:;
At venues: £2.

Sample poems from the book 

Dance of the Penguins





Trees in the breeze,
squirrels in the trees,

springing, clinging, swinging
from trapeze to trapeze.


Glad I’m not a Human

Glad I’m not a human, said the germ,
with me inside!

Glad I’m not a hippo, said the human,
five feet wide!

Glad I’m not a fish, said the hippo,

with no legs!

Glad I’m not a pig, said the fish,
with no eggs!

Glad I’m not a parrot, said the pig,
with no snout!

Glad I’m not a parrot, said the parrot,
but he didn’t know what he was talking about.



Lonely ocean bird
surfing the sunset’s glow –
so bright,
so white,
so graceful,
so grand,
so silent,
so strong,


Monkeying Around

Trampolining, tree to tree,
bungee-jumping – look at me!

Backwards, sideways, upside down,
doing the dare-devil, acting the clown!

Swinging, leaping…
whoops, just missed…
saved myself with a mid-air twist!

Hanging down by my little toe…
and meeting two eyes


Crocodile Doze

legs out flat…

who’s he looking at?


Opening lines of a few more poems…

From   Aunty Jean

Aunty Jean, Aunty Jean,
sat on an elephant, grand as a queen,
sat in her brand new blouse and skirt,
beaming down at Uncle Birt.

Aunty Jean, poor Aunty Jean,
sat on her elephant, stiff and serene,
until it…

From  Stripes Through The Streaks

Through the streaks of stalk and stem,
through the strands of twine and twig,
stripes are sliding…

From  If you were a Giraffe

If you were a giraffe,
with a drain-long, crane-strong, swing-along neck,
would you just eat leaves?
I wouldn’t.
I’d be a…

(The rest is in the book.)


More from the book can be browsed on my other site: 

For more of my poems, click Published.  

Back cover

My latest book, Poetry Party – poems for 5-8 year olds, is to be published later this year by Thynks Publications, as a result of last year’s competition for collections for this age group. Updates coming soon.

(I say ‘latest’ because I also wrote, and illustrated, another book, self-published – 2007, called Swinging through the Sky. It’s now out of print, but copies can be found online if interested. I still read from it and show the pictures in my workshops.)

For copyright reasons, please contact me if you would like to use any of the poems on this page in any publication or public performance or production.


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